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Bubble Braids for Everyone: 5 Trendy Styles for All Hair Types

Bubble braids are all the rage, offering a fun and versatile way to style your hair, from casual brunches to high-fashion events. And the best part? They work on all hair types, from thick and straight to curly and short. Here are 5 trendy bubble braid hairstyles to inspire you:

Thick Hair Magic:

Thick Hair Magic

  • Gather all your hair back and secure it with hair ties, leaving even gaps between sections.
  • For extra volume, make two braids and wrap sections of hair around the ties before securing the next one.
  • This classic style is perfect for showing off your thick locks.

Curl-Friendly Fun:

Curl-Friendly Fun

  • Combat frizz with a smoothing serum and create a classic or French bubble braid, adding sections from both sides as you go.
  • Bubble braids smooth out curls while adding a playful touch, perfect for "day three hair" that needs a refresh.

Wavy Chic:

Wavy Chic

  • Achieve effortless texture by opting for a half-up bubble braid.
  • Gently pull out hair from the crown for volume and voila! You have a high-fashion look in minutes.

Short Hair Statement:

Short Hair Statement

  • This adorable style might even tempt you to chop your hair!
  • Follow a crown French braid method, adding hair from the front to each section for a whimsical, head-turning updo.

Straight & Simple:

Straight & Simple

  • Channel Gigi Hadid with front bubble braids, perfect for straight or fine hair.
  • Divide your hair down the middle and create small bubble braids on each side using sections from the front.
  • Now you're rocking the same style as a supermodel!

So ditch the boring hairstyles and get your bubble on!

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