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Curtain Bangs: A Timeless Trend

Curtain bangs are a perpetually hot hair trend and a great way to dip your toes into bangs if you're feeling hesitant. These soft, face-framing bangs are shorter at the front and longer at the sides, making them easy to grow out gracefully. They complement almost every popular haircut, from shags to pixies, as well as updos like ponytails and buns.

Messy Bun and Curtain Bangs

Messy Bun and Curtain Bangs This hairstyle pairs soft, face-framing curtain bangs with a loose, messy bun, creating a relaxed and effortless look. The bangs elegantly frame the face while the bun adds a touch of casual charm.

Messy Bun and Curtain Bangs

Messy Bun and Curtain Bangs A twist on classic curtain bangs, this style features shorter "baby" curtain bangs that fall above the brow to the upper lash line. The shorter length adds a playful and youthful vibe to the look.

Full Coverage Curtain Bangs

Full Coverage Curtain Bangs Versatile and chic, these curtain bangs can be worn parted in the middle or draped across the forehead, offering full coverage and framing the face beautifully.

Voluminous Curtain Bangs

Voluminous Curtain Bangs Starting with a good base is key for this hairstyle. These curtain bangs are styled with added volume and bounce, achieved through gentle curls along the face-framing strands. The result is a voluminous and glamorous look.

Perfectly Parted Curtain Bangs

Perfectly Parted Curtain Bangs Sporting curtain bangs in a fun and playful manner, this hairstyle features bangs that are perfectly parted and partially pulled back, allowing the fringe to take center stage.

Medium Curtains on Layered V-Cut

Medium Curtains on Layered V-Cut This hairstyle features straight curtain bangs paired with a layered V-cut, suitable for all hair lengths and textures. The sharp graduation on both sides ending in a pointy tip creates a chic, edgy look. To avoid a heavy appearance, opt for wispy curtains and finger-brush the strands for a natural finish.

Messed-Up Shaggy Bob

Messed-Up Shaggy Bob Ideal for low-maintenance individuals with slight curls, this hairstyle incorporates a bob with uneven feathered layers for a shag-like appeal. You can sweep the middle-parted fringes to one side to conceal forehead wrinkles and add a touch of effortless charm. Embrace the messy look for a sexy and carefree vibe.

Center-Parted Fringes with Pixie

Center-Parted Fringes with Pixie Curtain fringes can be paired with pixie cuts to achieve a soft, feminine look. You can choose cropped bangs that end near the brows or opt for longer bangs that reach the chin, depending on your preference. This style offers versatility and can be tailored to suit your desired aesthetic.

Bardot Bangs + Rainbow Wolf Cut

Bardot Bangs + Rainbow Wolf Cut The wolf cut features flawless curtain bangs with layers that are fuller on top and thin towards the tips. For a bold and vibrant look, leave the Bardot bangs with a barely-there center part uncolored, and add vibrant streaks in your favorite shades midway to the ends. This style is perfect for those who want to make a statement with their hair.

Bottle-Neck Bangs with Tight Curls

Bottle-Neck Bangs with Tight Curls Bottle-neck bangs offer a tailored take on traditional curtain bangs, with central strands long enough to be swooped along the sides, mimicking a bottle's neck. Pair this style with soft layers before adding tight curls (whether natural or styled) for added texture and dimension. Get ready to receive compliments on this unique and stylish look.

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