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8 face framing layers hairstyles for any face shape

Face-framing works regardless of your face shape, hair length, or hair texture. For any popular haircut, this technique can be added to your chosen length to make it at least 10 times more flattering. While the curtain bangs trend was onto something, short curtain bangs aren't for everyone. Face-framing pieces of hair are what make the difference between a fine hairstyle and your best hairstyle yet.

Customize these low-maintenance layers just how you like them and pair them with your signature cut. Need inspiration? Here are the most flattering styles to consider for your next appointment.

Platinum "Money Piece"

Platinum "Money Piece" face framing layers The "money piece" is your new secret weapon. It's the piece of hair right at the frame of your face that catches the sunlight and lightens in the summertime. Layer it, brighten it, and rock it.

Long Blow Out Layers

Long Blow Out Layers Achieve that gorgeous blowout style with longer face-framing pieces. This hairstyle features long face-framing pieces coming from the middle part and facing out to add a wispy, professional look.

Lowlight the Frame

Lowlight the Frame Instead of typical highlights on face-framing layers, try out lowlights. This hairstyle features lowlights on the face frame that create a dimensional effect similar to highlights but are easier to maintain.

Layered Curls

Layered Curls Keep those curls light and bouncy with layers. Adding layers to your curls will keep them from weighing down, giving you a fresh, voluminous look.

Face Framing Layers and Curtain Bang Combo

Face Framing Layers and Curtain Bang Combo Can't decide between curtain bangs or face-framing layers? Try both. This hairstyle incorporates both styles for an effortlessly cool look.

Face-Framing Fringe

Face-Framing Fringe This Bardot-worthy long fringe hits those cheekbones like nobody's business.

Updo With Loose Tendrils

Updo With Loose Tendrils With face-framing layers for long hair, you can easily create this whimsical updo.

Smooth Below Chin Layers Face Framing Hairstyle

Smooth Below Chin Layers Face Framing Hairstyle Smooth out two face-framing pieces with the right styling and hair care products and set the rest of your locks up in a sleek bun

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Try 8 face framing layers hairstyles for any face shape with AI

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